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Walking on Planet C

Folks Who Like It Here Too!

Sunset at Amanyara in Turks & Caicos

I started coming to Turks & Caicos about fourteen years ago. I love It Here. I've met a lot of people who add to the flavor of this special little group of islands. I'm not going to give you a long history lesson, just some Folks (I know) Who Like It Here Too!

Dick Clark Likes It Here

Prince Likes It Here

David Copperfield Likes It Here

Kelly Ripa Likes It Here

Ziggy Marley Likes It Here

Bruce Willis Likes It Here

Paul Simon Likes It Here

Arnold Schwarzenegger and.. oh, right! I already said Bruce Willis Likes It Here

Zac Efron Likes It Here

I Like It Here... and

Bryan Ferry Likes It so much he gigged on New Year's Eve and got married here. Welcome my friend

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"Miracle Goodnight"

The album "Black Tie White Noise" includes "Miracle Goodnight"

Over the last few days I've been thinking a lot about David Bowie. When people ask me about the one record that I like the most that I've done, I always shift between "Good Times," "We Are Family," and "Let's Dance" - not because they are truly my favorites but because of the impact they had on my life.

My life is filled with many miracles. Some of my favorite records are the songs that never became big hits, but move me in a very special way. Today I had one such song playing in my head all day - David Bowie's "Miracle Goodnight."

David Bowie "Miracle Goodnight" - Produced by Nile Rodgers


Me, singing

Leaving my villa for breakfast this morning as I was singing

Bowie, playing tribute to Buster Keaton

Bowie combing his hair

David Bowie in the video for "Miracle Goodnight"

I got back to the villa after a beautiful day

My bed before I hop in for a "Miracle Goodnight"

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Yesterday, David Turned Sixty-Five

Me and David

Yesterday, David Bowie turned Sixty-Five years old and I'm happy to be alive. Both of these facts are amazing! I've had countless medical emergencies, most resulting from an excessive Rock-N-Roll lifestyle.

I gave up drugs 17 years ago but was attacked by aggressive cancer last year and I'm very thankful to be alive.

David and I have many shared colleagues in music who are no longer with us. I'm reflecting on a few of them now because Yesterday, David Turned Sixty-Five.

David, Stevie Ray Vaughan and me - We first worked together on Let's Dance and I produced Stevie's last project, The Vaughan Brothers

Luther Vandross with David - Luther was in CHIC from the beginning and with David in Young Americans

CHIC with Luther - an early tour

David and Mick Ronson - Mick worked with us right before he passed away

Bowie with our vocal choir - Lamya al Mugheiry is on David's left

Me, Bernard Edwards and David - 'Nard played on the Let's Dance album and was my partner for 20 years

Tony Thompson played with CHIC from the beginning and is also on David's Let's Dance album and Serious Moonlight tour

Yesterday, David Bowie Turned Sixty-Five

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Chill Out!

As soon as I arrived at my Amanyara villa, I kicked back and relaxed

As soon as I arrived at Amanyara I kicked back. It's the first time in many years that I've not been writing my book. I posted some pics to remind me of how lucky I am and to take this opportunity to Chill Out!

This is me the last time I was in Turks & Caicos - I was fiercely editing my memoir Le Freak

Chilling out in Turks & Caicos at Amanyara last May

Doing kung-fu forms for exercise at Amanyara last May

Judgement Day came and went last May. Oops! How did I miss that?

My friend Patrick's Amanyara Villa right next door to me

About to have breakfast in my pajamas at Amanyara

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Once Is Not Enough

At the Westport train station going to see "Once"

Last night I went to New York's East Village see a show called "Once". It's based on the Academy Award winning film "Once". A musician in the show is my old friend Rob Preuss.

Rob used to be the Music Director of Mama Mia and he also used to be in a Canadian band I produced called Spoons. While doing the Spoons in Toronto, I met the band INXS and produced "Original Sin." Rob and I have been friends ever since.

"Once" is supposed to be amazing but I never saw the show because last night was the one time it got cancelled. The show's lead "Guy" had gotten sick. I took a one hundred-twenty mile round trip from Connecticut to an empty set. The show's moving to Broadway and I'll attempt to see it again. Once Is Not Enough.

Spoons "Tell No Lies" - Produced by Nile Rodgers

INXS "Original Sin" - Produced by Nile Rodgers


The show called "Once"

"Mama Mia" on Broadway

The cover of the Spoons album I did

INXS "Original Sin"

The empty set of "Once"

The film called "Once" Is Not Enough

It's about sixty miles from my house to Astor Place

And another sixty miles back to Westport, CT

Rob Preuss back in the day - he's on the Yamaha DX7 Keyboard on the right

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Stand, Stand, Stand!

"Stand, don't you know that you are free, well at least in your mind if you want to be. Stand, Stand, Stand!"
~ Sly & The Family Stone

"Stand, don't you know that you are free, well at least in your mind if you want to be. Stand, Stand, Stand!"
~ Sly & The Family Stone

These words are on a poster that I did for an HMV campaign called My Inspiration. Many people, places, and things inspire me.

I chose those lyrics because when I was attacked by aggressive cancer last year, I needed inspiration to tackle the long and daunting road ahead of me. Cancer wanted me but I wanted to be free.

I think of myself as fairly positive and thankful in general - but we all can use a bit of extra inspiration every now and then. Though I've had three post-op test that have all been cancer-free, I'll never take life for granted again. I'm inspired.

I promise to try and live every day as if it's my last because one day it will be. Stand, Stand, Stand!

My mom inspired me, especially back in the day

Working on my musical Double Time is inspiring

A portion of the Berlin Wall called "Stay Free" is inspiring

Sharing stories about situations that have inspired me

Giving a speech at Studio 54 was inspiring

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Here and Back Again

Here I'm leaving my apartment for a meeting

I had some wonderful meetings in New York yesterday - one was with an Israeli journalist. This was unique because Mahmoud, a Global Teen Leader from my We Are Family Foundation charity program Three Dot Dash, was arriving from Palestine and they both deal with the same newspaper. Amazing coincidence.

At one point during the interview the reporter asked me about cancer and how I was feeling. I told him about my walking therapy and how it makes me feel like the old Nile is returning. I thought that just for fun I'd show you pictures of my trip from my living room and coming home to find Mahmoud. I metaphorically call it Here and Back Again.

Heading out of my lobby

Crossing Broadway

Almost to Cafe Luxembourg

Cafe Luxembourg

Crossing back over Broadway

Coming back from Cafe Luxembourg

Back to the elevator

Here I'm back in my living room

Mahmoud and me hanging at my NYC apartment after I got back

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An Amazing Start

Waiting for the train to go into NYC on the coldest day of the season

Today was the coldest day of the season. Though I don't like cold weather, it was nice to be reminded that it's winter because the weather's been unusually warm.

I'm in the process of planning my next projects. Since being attacked by cancer about a year ago life is more important than ever. Over the last twenty-four hours I've had a ton of interviews and meetings that all went well. This New Year is off to An Amazing Start.

Sitting up in my bed on the coldest day of the season

I spent hours occupying 120 Wall Street doing an interview with Harry Allen at WBAI

Theatrical producer Robert Fox with whom I lunched, laughed, and walked with on the coldest day of the season

Riding on the commuter train to NYC - part 1 of An Amazing Start

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Game On!

Getting my Game On in the library

At the end of the year, as part of my service to the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, I have to play and consider the music in the best video games of the year.

During my decades in the entertainment business, I've won many awards and served on many panels. Though the AIAS is not as well known as the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, or Golden Globes yet, this panel and it's members are top shelf in the gaming world.

Video game composers are some of the most talented and hard working people I know. Game On!

Four shelves of Pop music awards

A few of my G.A.N.G. awards for gaming soundtrack music

Five more of my G.A.N.G. awards

Getting my Game On in the library

The AIAS Award

The library is the best spot in my house to get my Game On

A few of my gold and platinum records and songwriting awards

The old projection screen TV reserved for the Playstation

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It Still Feels Like Spring

At the end of my walk it Still Feels Like Spring

As I left for my morning walk today, it was 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the calendar says it's winter - It Still Feels Like Spring.

I started this daily blog to help me get through the ordeal of aggressive cancer, but it seems to have had the added benefit of helping others with various maladies.

Every day I communicate with someone whose life has been affected and today was no exception. After a few heart wrenching emails, texts, and DM's I went out for my walk.

This is how it looked on this January day in my neighborhood, because It Still Feels Like Spring.

Here's the ducks on my dock

Here's the mid-morning sunshine

Here's the sign at the bridge

Here's the harbor police boat - back in the day, I used to crack racial profiling jokes to them

The water's so clear, I can see the shells on the rocky bottom four feet down

Here's a house along my walking route

Here's a really happy me because It Still Feels Like Spring

Le Freak:
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