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I Do The Best That I Can Do

February 21, 2012

I developed a magical friendship with Alison Moyet touring on the road recently

Many magical things that happen when I go on the road. They are usually the performances and the people that I meet. I'm gearing up to go to Australia and it's a first time market for CHIC.

It's hard to believe that in a country where I've produced six number one singles and countless more top pop albums, that I'm basically a stranger Down Under. This most likely stems from our original musical concept of anonymity called The CHIC Mystique, whereas our music was the star.

I've never pursued stardom because it feels like a suit that doesn't fit. I've been around stars all my life and when they walk into the room you know it. Madonna's a star, Duran Duran are stars, David Bowie's one, Diana Ross and Mick Jagger are too! I've walked into a room with star friends like John Kennedy Jr. and Prince and could almost feel the weight of the room shift like a listing boat. In no time at all, strangers would start to unevenly occupy our side of the room. That's a stars reality.

Whether one's a star or not, everything never goes the way you'd expect in life. I never expected cancer to attack me - but one day it did. I never expected one of my Australian shows to be cancelled - but yesterday it was. What we do with good news is not much of a test, but what we do with bad news is.

In the scope of things, losing one show in a tour is not a disaster. We have five remaining and I won't waste time complaining. James Brown, The Godfather of Soul, sums it up best. "You can bet your bottom dollar you'll never hear me holler. I Do The Best That I Can Do!"

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Me and James Brown - The Godfather of Soul

Madonna's a star

Duran Duran are stars

David Bowie's one

Diana Ross and Mick Jagger are too!

Star friends John Kennedy Jr. and Prince

Here we were rehearsing for a series of magical performances on our last tour

Me and The CHIC Organization with Q-Tip and GZA in a rare performance together

Meeting cool kids on tour

Billboard Top Pop Singles Award-1985

Our original CHIC album cover used models and established The CHIC Mystique

Sydney Opera House

Backing up stars feels more natural to me