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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

April 5, 2012

The guitar section on stage at Carnegie Hall right before the show

Of course the joke answer to the title of today's blog post is Practice. Tuesday night, we had an amazing performance at Carnegie Hall for the Save The Rainforest Fund. We had to practice a lot before we did the show. There were three days of rehearsals that started at 10 am and went well into the evening. These are some more photos from the last few days that show "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?"


Practicing the string charts with a small section

Bruno Mars practicing "Jail House Rock"

Sting, Esperanza (looking at another camera), and me taking a photo break at practice

Part of our cast taking a photo during a break while we were practicing at Carnegie Hall

Music Director Narada Michael Walden cues the band

The choir and band listening to Narada's directions

We were about to practice the finale - This is what Carnegie Hall looks like from my chair

Practicing "Moon River" before we'd run the entire show

Practicing a few numbers at Carnegie Hall before we'd practice the entire show

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Hudson in the dressing room area

HA! When I first went to Carnegie Hall as a teen, everybody was smoking cigarettes

President Clinton, Meryl Streep and Bruno Mars (in silhouette) - Have you heard the Pres play sax? The Pres can get to Carnegie Hall without much practice