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My Last Week In Pictures

April 9, 2012

Today I had the day off and I went to see the film The Hunger Games

Today I had a day off. In my world that's huge. I went to see the film The Hunger Games. Last week, my charity The We Are Family Foundation's Just Peace Summit was winding down. It was a huge success and one of our Global Teen Leaders was on the last eight pages of The Hunger Games.

The very next day, our foundation held the TEDxTeen talks and later that same day I did a book signing followed by a concert called The Legends of Disco at the Hammerstein Ballroom. All three events were very successful.

I started rehearsing for the Rainforest Fund's Concert at Carnegie Hall the following morning. After three days of rehearsing the concert took place. It was also a huge success.

Now I've started planning to go to Japan in a few days. I make this trip every spring and it's become the official beginning of the Spring/Summer touring season for CHIC.

While I sit here contemplating future possibilities, here's My Last Week In Pictures.


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