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Check These Pictures Out!

April 19, 2012

Talking to the people before the show

Legendary TV impresario Dick Clark died last night on the sixteenth anniversary of Bernard Edwards' death. He says Bernard's name first in the debut video of CHIC on American Bandstand. We worked for Dick Clark a number of times after that and he did a lot to bring us to the attention of the American masses.

Last night, while Dick's news was breaking, CHIC was performing in Tokyo. Dare I humbly say, we brought the house down. I feel totally energized to play this music that both Dick and Bernard loved so much.

CHIC has many second homes around the world, and Tokyo being the largest city in the world, feels like they've adopted us completely. Check These Pictures Out!


Debut video of CHIC on American Bandstand


Then it's on!

Dick Clark hosting American Bandstand

Holding up Nard's solo record brought by one of the fans

Folami doing "Like A Virgin" with the crowd

Begging Kim to rip a cadenza in the middle of "We Are Family" with the crowd

Rich and me doign a duet on "Everybody Dance"

CHIC opening the set walking through the crowd playing "Hanging"

New Japanese Nile Rodgers t-shirt swag

I grabbed some shy Japanese people and made them do "Le Freak" with us

Next thing you know one dude started singing