Thursday, June 13, 2024

We Are Family

April 20, 2012

Hanging with some of my Japanese Family at last night's show

I've had a couple of bad days in a row physically and emotionally but I never let it show and I never complain about it. I use these blog posts to inform and help me cope. I have many gifts which I use as coping mechanisms: chief among the are music, friends, and Family. But the lines between friends and Family Are starting to blur.

As I travel the world, people seem to feel closer. It could be because when I was hit with cancer, people and life seemed to matter more. I'm not going to waste time looking for the answer because I don't care about the reason, I only care about the feeling. I feel like when I'm playing music with CHIC, every participant in the entire experience feels like We Are Family.


Some of my Family at the Blue Note

The CHIC Organization with our Blue Note Tokyo Family

You can feel the love

Selan, Folami, and Kim

My guitar tech Terry


Freaking out with my Blue Note Family

He comes to the shows every year

"Everybody Dance!"

Nearing the end of a great night

The growing family

More of the crowd - They Are Family

Soloing at the end of the night after the band's left the stage

A photo with the ever growing Family

More Family nearing the end of a great night

Some Family with the "Team Good Times" CHIC Japan 2012 tour book