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I Thought I Was About To Pass Out

April 21, 2012

The journalist asked me, "Do you feel okay to start?" - I said, "I guess so"

Until last night, I'd only slept about two and a half hours since arriving in Japan four days ago. I'd already performed six concerts and was ready to go the hospital from total exhaustion. But just when I thought things were at their worst, I somehow was able to get the strength to do the job I love doing. I even did a number of interviews, which is one of the hardest part of my job too!

I believe it's the love of the audience, the workers, and my amazing crew that gives me the ability to pull it together. I never want to let them or myself down. Most musicians have this ability to call on that extra little bit of energy, just when you feel you don't have anything left. Here's what I was able to pull of yesterday, even though I Thought I Was About to Pass Out.


By the time I finished the last of my three interviews, which was for HERS Magazine, I was already starting to reenergize

I get to the band's dressing room and they are partying, which helps to get my blood pumping

We start the show with CHIC's "Hanging"

In "Hanging" the horns carry the groove

The unit starts to come to life


Jerry, Jerry!!!

Then the girls start getting me pumped up

It was like a miracle because I started feeling good

The crowd responded and then we really started jamming!

Then it was funky business as usual

"Just throw your hands high in the air and party hearty like you just don't care"

And after that show was ended we had to do it all again. But by now as you can see I was feeling fantastic!

By the beginning of the 2nd show I felt great even thought at the start of the night I Thought I Was About to Pass Out