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Feeling So Shady

April 25, 2012 - Update by: IAmMisterD
Yesterday, I hacked Nile's blog in the middle of the day to share with everyone the incredible activity surrounding "Shady" and video footage from his session with Adam Lambert. After he saw it, we had a great laugh and thought it'd be great to keep it up for a whole day. We added some more YouTube clips to spice it up some, too. Enjoy!


April 24, 2012 - TAKE 2

Hey guys, it's D (IAmMisterD). Nile's in London taking over the world, but I had to hack the blog and share this with you guys (hope he doesn't mind!).

As many of you know, Nile worked on Adam Lambert's latest album, and the anticipation for their collaboration, "Shady" is just incredible!

We knew it even at the first session that this song has some fire, and between my cam and Jean Morisson's, we captured really great stuff that is now being remixed and re-edited all over YouTube. So much so that I had to hack into Nile's blog... cuz I, too, was Feeling So Shady.


For those in countries that can't see the video, check it out here.. THANK YOU @FERALTWIRLER!!!

Courtesy of TheAdamdownunder


Courtesy of tattoojo91

Courtesy of MrAidanLambert

Courtesy of NileRodgersTV

Courtesy of JeanMorissonOfficial