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Crazy, Sexy and Fun

April 28, 2012

Dance Music guru Arthur Baker telling me after-hours nightclubbing stories at Bestival

This year, CHIC will play in the UK at least ten times. Many of our gigs will be festivals which are so much fun, they should be illegal. One of them will be Bestival.

This year they're giving me my own tent for a pre-concert book party and solo guitar jam. All I can imagine is that it's going to be twice as insane as last time, and that show was Crazy, Sexy and Fun.


My Book Signing / Concert Pre-Party Event at BESTIVAL 2012

Elly Jackson is in this BESTIVAL CROWD DANCING Vid Clip from my last time there


This girl stretching in the tent was as nice as she was beautiful

And this girl was "wearing" these stockings

The hottest catering girl I've ever seen was working at Bestival

A quick shot with a girl before the show

Me with a girl and our monitor mixer Marco and Kim from CHIC in background

Melissa from CHIC and a girl in the tent who bore a striking resemblance

The 2010 Lineup for Bestival

Fab fun fine girl at Bestival 2010

The Bestival massage tent

Me with Echo & the Bunnymen at Bestival 2010

The 2012 Lineup for Bestival - [Click to Enlarge]