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Trust the Process

May 10, 2012 - Update by: @NileRodgers
Yesterday my tech team Casey, D, and me were working all night and I didn't post all of the different languages until late last night. I want the Adam fans around the world to see the Process, so I'm keeping this post up another day. But, I'm adding NEW CLIPS for the folks who've already seen it. It will give you more insight into "THE PROCESS."


Without ever meeting each other, Adam and I booked a studio and decided to Trust the Process

Adam Lambert's new album Trespassing has leaked out. Most of you have already heard the song that I played on called "Shady." What you don't know is the Process. It started with a tweet to me from Adam and Sam Sparro asking me to play on this funky track.

After chatting a bit we realized that there was only one way this could happen. Without ever meeting each other, Adam and I booked a studio - and as John Taylor from Duran Duran would say, we decided to Trust the Process.


NRP meets RCA & MTV before hearing "SHADY"

The first time I heard the chorus of "SHADY" - I always work on the chorus first

Figuring out the song form of "SHADY"

Hearing the "SHADY" intro for the first time

At this point I've played "SHADY" at least 20 different ways and now I was just jamming

I explain to Adam after just meeting him why I played these first ideas before I got a chance to hear his ideas

Playing different ideas over Sam Sparro's bridge

At his point we'd gotten the song down, then I played a pedal part so they can fade it in & out

NEW Adam directing an idea

NEW One of about 20 different funky approaches to this section

NEW Wow.. This is hard...

NEW Ha ha!


Adam was professional and focused but he also allowed me to interpret the song my way

This smile of Adam Lambert says it all - This is why I play music

Me and my geek-squad (Casey Bollinger and Diego Sánchez