Wednesday, July 24, 2024

I Love You Donna

I'm performing at Montreux Jazz on July 13, this year. My big wish was to have Donna Summer sharing that stage with me, and many great artists whom I personally feel connect the dots to modern dance music.

Yesterday's news of her passing has devastated me. I've wanted to work with her ever since I heard that magical voice. We've only gotten a chance to work together once, though not for lack of trying.

The video below has very bad sound - but you can see and feel the sheer joy and professionalism of Donna Summer working with CHIC.

I was the Music Director of a VH1 Diana Ross Divas special. Whatever I say today feels wrong, but what we both said that night was so right.

I respect you Donna. I miss you Donna. And most of all, I Love You Donna!


Diva's 2000 Rehearsal - Donna Summer and CHIC