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Life Changing Too!

May 30, 2012 - Update by: @NileRodgers
Meeting Giorgio Moroder was so life changing that I'd like to keep this blog up for another day. We've added a lot more songs as well. Enjoy!


May 29, 2012

Meeting uber-producer / composer Giorgio Moroder at the IMS was exciting for me

I've spent the last week in Ibiza at the International Music Summit - and it was one of the most exciting weeks of my life. The IMS is a conference centered around dance music professionals. From the moment I composed my first dance record, my life has been on a wonderfully positive artistic arc. That doesn't mean it's been an easy journey - in fact I've experienced numerous tragedies, but that's just life and no life is a straight line to happiness.

The role music plays in my life is particularly rewarding. I never look at anything as just another job. On any given day a recording session can turn out like Adam Lambert's "Shady." It's a song that's on his new album Trespassing, that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Chart. Even a music conference like the IMS can potentially be Life Changing Too!


The IMS is a conference centered around dance music professionals

The Full Early CHIC Org - Of the five 1st guys I've lost four - one of my life's many tragedies

Adam Lambert's new album Trespassing, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Album Chart

I met Scarlett Etienne's at IMS now she's performing with us at Montreux July 13

Legendary Francois Kevorkian and I reconnected after many years at IMS

DJ Diplo, Paul Oakenfold, me and Aurthur Baker brought together by the IMS

One of the dozens of IMS interviews which could be life changing

The Ibiza Grand Hotel lobby art gallery

One of the photos in the gallery

Another one of the photos in the gallery

It was a standing room crowd at my IMS keynote and any one encounter is potentially Life Changing