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They're Electric

July 14, 2012

This really happened. Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Johnny Marr and Alison Moyet performing Mark's version of Johnny's classic "Stop Me"

Greetings from Montreux! Many of you know me, but for those that don't my name is D and I'm Nile's Media Director / Tech guy. I'm on here as IAmMisterD. Nile's had a groundbreaking and unbelievable few days - weeks.. It's just non-stop funk to the max in his world at the moment.

Montreux Jazz 2012 was no exception. As a matter of fact, boundaries and cross genre, heart thumping, funk went down last night, in a way that Montreux has never seen.

Now, I'll let Nile tell his stories the way he does and we all love, but for now, I'll share with you some of my pics from FreakOut! Montreux. They're Electric.


The day before FreakOut! Montreux Claude Nobs invited everyone to hi chalet - Here's Nile with Taylor Dayne and Ultra Naté on the ride up telling rock-n-roll stories

The view from Claude Nobs chalet - Claude founded the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967 and it's arguably the largest music festival in the world

Checking out a hanglider from Claude's chalet with Scarlett Etienne

Nile, philosophising the mysteries of music

Nile plays a MEAN game of Ping Pong - like an old-school New Yorker

Setting it up

A FIERCE backspin

A proud Nile overlooking his people from the balcony at Claude's chalet

Mark Ronson backstage last night - ready to make history

A beautiful and amazingly talented Alison Moyet - all smiles

On stage with Elly Jackson from La Roux - "Bullet Proof"

Jerry Barnes (Bass) breaking grounds

The CHIC Machine in all it's splendour

This is Rock-N-Roll

Nile and Claude - thank you's, love and music

Overlooking the crowd

Nile played like there was no tomorrow - he left every bead of sweat on that floor


This.. is Nile Rodgers

A video screen shot

The CHIC Horns, amazing as ever

Everybody Dance

The crowd coming to life

The CHICsters laying down the groove

The CHICsters laying down the groove

Butterscotch, the world's greatest female beat-boxer, getting ready to funk it up with CHIC

This crowd never knew what hit them - Music Nonstop

At one moment, I went up to Nile and was like "What's this, Ibiza?"

The crowd was on fire

Claude Nobs and Nile addressing a packed house at Montreux's famous Stravinski Auditorium