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We're Coming to FREAKOUT!

July 30, 2012

Thus far I've only gigged in the Republic of Ireland

Thus far I've only gigged in the Republic of Ireland, Galway, Cork, Dublin, and our first gig at the Electric Picnic. They've all been amazing. I'm so looking forward to coming back there to play the Button Factory in Dublin, but also performing in Northern Ireland for the first time. We have a large group from Belfast that show up at CHIC shows in England. I did a keynote speech in Belfast for Music Week that kicked off the MTV Awards, but there is nothing like connecting with the people through performing our songs for me.

Our set list will most likely include not only music by my group CHIC, but a number of records I've written and produced for others that CHIC played on originally: David Bowie, Sister Sledge, INXS, Madonna, Diana Ross, Sheila and B Devotion (He's a "Spacer"), and maybe a few others depending on the vibe of the crowd.

I'm guessing Belfast is going to be as breathtaking as our gigs in the Republic. The power of music supersedes economics and politics. When I was younger I'd save my pennies to hear the music that moved me because the experience enriched my spirit. The sole purpose of our music is to move your hearts, feet, and your A$$es.

When we arrive on the largest island in Europe, We're Coming to FREAKOUT!



Don Harris and Bill Holloman in perfect sync in Galway

We always invite the audience up on stage at the end

Irish fans getting their groove on

Getting a kiss in sheer pandemonium. The Irish crowd was FANTASTIC! We played things we'd never played before

Backstage with three Irish sisters. Love the dark hair and blue eyes

Jerry Barnes killing it on "We Are Family" -Kim, Nile, & Folami in bkg

We're coming to Ireland to FREAKOUT!