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F Jazz Blues Movement

August 25, 2012

7x7TH STREET Animation tracks down the street and stops at my Indigo F Shack

Just a few days ago I was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Fringe Festival. It's the biggest arts festival in the world. I was there primarily as an author but I was also there as a composer. I was part of a project called 7x7TH STREET. Seven different composers scored seven different interactive sculptures that were displayed in structures that were the colors that corresponded to the seven tones of a major scale in music. It was the brain-child of Belgian neo-pop artist, Jean Pierre Muller.

My composition is in the key of f, represented by the color indigo. The entire piece represents the many phases of my life. The overall length is around eleven minutes with seven movements. It's called the "Indigo F Suite" and today's playlist will start with the "F Jazz Blues Movement."


Jamming on some jazz for the folks at the Edinburgh Book Festival before talking about my memoir Le Freak

The wall display inside the Indigo F house on 7x7TH STREET

Me inside the the indigo house on 7x7TH STREET (I love that the photographer is visible in my eyeglasses)

Hanging on 7x7TH STREET

Chilling on 7x7TH STREET

Letter I is the beginning of the "F Jazz Blues Movement" (Yes, I know there should be a double bar marking)