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The Last Year of My Life

January 21, 2013

2012 was like a roller-coaster ride with many ups and downs

2012 was like a roller-coaster ride - many ups and downs, and many twists and turns. Though I'm in show business, I lead a semi-solitary life because I'm mainly a composer, but I love playing guitar and getting out.

I've collaborated on a number of recording, writing, production, and live events with a diverse group of A-list artists too long to mention in a single blog post.

One of the year's most surprising meets was Russell Peters. I've enjoyed his comedic skills long before we'd met, but I had no idea how deeply he was into music.

Many of my strongest relationships have come from a shared love of music. The first night I met David Bowie we talked each other's ears off about music - from the most mainstream to the most avant-garde. That meeting profoundly changed our lives.

When Russell and I met at his Barclays Center show, of course he had me laughing my A$$ off, but his ability to discuss music on that level shocked the $hit out of me.

My annual We Are Family Foundation charity gala takes place on January 31st and Russell will play a major role. He's already given me solid musical ideas and hooked us up with Hip-Hop legend Grandmaster Melle Mel.

At the gala, which was rescheduled after Hurricane Sandy shut us down, Russell will crack jokes, DJ, MC, and who knows what else on the final night of the first month of 2013. 2012 was like a roller-coaster ride, but that was The Last Year of My Life.


Though I'm smiling I'd just had a heavy day of medical test - 2012 was like a roller-coaster ride

Last year I collaborated with WAFF's 2012 Unity Honoree Adam Lambert and a number of A-list artists

"Let's Dance" happened as a result of that first meeting with me and David Bowie

Me, GZA, DjKool Herc, Melle Mel, & Russell Peters backstage - The first time I met Russell

Russell will play a major role at the We Are Family Foundation gala

Hurricane Sandy shut us down and blacked-out our venue


VIDEO: WAFF Gala 2011 Rehearsals with GZA & Q-TIP - "Good Times" at WAFF Gala 2011 Rehearsals with GZA & Q-TIP