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A Day in the Life of Nile Rodgers

May 13, 2013

A Day in the Life of Nile Rodgers - Created by Alexandre Guidetti

Since being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in October of 2011, I've embarked upon a work schedule that's mind boggling even to a life-long workaholic like myself.

While on a month-long tour of Germany and Switzerland, I even flew back and forth to California to film "Get Lucky" with Daft Punk. Upon returning to Europe we had to stay in a city called Braunschwieg because a convention in the city where we were to perform at had all the hotels booked.

Here's a short film in Braunschwieg, Germany called, "A Day in the Life of Nile Rodgers."


Me and Pharrell between takes of "Get Lucky" and I'd just flown in from Germany

A convention in Hannover forced us to stay in a city called Braunschweig

This palace in Braunschweig is an amazing shopping mall with rooftop decks

Some of the old-school gear I found in the Braunschwieg music shop, Mewes

Me wearing my "Nile Smile" on our first gig after Braunschwieg

Born to heroine addict parents, I found this syringe chair directly across the street from my Braunschweig hotel - Hmm...

Kim singing "I Want Your Love" right after Braunschwieg

I was flooded with memories and Gerd's dedication to the furtherance of the gift of music

Night view from my Braunschwieg hotel suite

Folami singing and Ralph on drums at our first gig after Braunschwieg

The view from my hotel room in Braunschweig