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'Til the Day I Die, If I'm Lucky

April 5, 2014

Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Music Video

It's been about a month since I've had the time to sit down and write a blog. The last year of my life has mostly been incredible. But don't think I'm ever nonchalant about cancer and the toll it takes on all that fall victim to its fury.

Many of my friends and I are dealing (with a small "d"), with the various physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life on Planet C. I try to concentrate on the positivity that's come into my life as a result of the malady. Appreciating life is cancer's greatest gift to me.

Today, I'll share a bit of the good since my last cancer checkup a few weeks ago. First up is a new CHIC record that's moving along very well. It's new songs based on some old demos and lost tapes, and a few newer tracks based on personal musical growth with some cool collaborations.

I'm also doing live concerts with the uber-genius Prince, a film project, the 7x7 art project which debuted in Edinburgh last year, a number of recording projects with artists that I'm extremely excited about, a couple of musical theater shows which take years... but hey, my own artists-for-artists music Festival, and an extremely big project which I must keep quiet because the Yin Yang of life proves it can go away just as quickly as it can happen. Even with a ton of work I still have to "Get Lucky."

I don't speak of these life gifts in a braggadocios manner because I mainly view them as just doing my job. But I'd be less than honest not to admit, "I'm very grateful for having a job that I love." It's a tough job that exacts a heavy toll as pop history has shown us - but body and mind willing, I'll do it 'Til the Day I Die, If I'm Lucky.


It's been about a month since I've had the time to sit down and write a blog

I was in excruciating pain after my first operation but stayed upbeat - Appreciating life was cancer's great gift to me

Me, Q-Tip and my TEDxTeens on one of many non-stop days for me

Me and Omar Hakim recording at ABBA's Polar Studios July 25, 2003

Working on a collaboration with The Martinez Bros

I'm working on a collaboration with Disclosure, Jimmy Napes, and the incredible Sam Smith

One of hundreds of photos I took of the one and only Prince at a show I produced - We'll do a few shows together

Johnny Marr and me in a shot from my film project

A snapshot of me on the 7x7 art project set

I'm starting my own artists-for-artists festival - groundwork was lain by Adam Lambert...

and Prince Paul...

and Russell Peters and Mystery Skulls...

and Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman and Chromeo...

and AVICII...

and of course The People!